Lynchburg pilot creates cleaner to help area businesses quickly disinfect

Kyle Falwell co-created Bon Airosol, an alcohol-based cleaning solution

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The course at Poplar Grove Golf Club in Amherst County is one of the few businesses that’s been allowed to stay open during the pandemic.

On busy days, staff members like Jacob Mast are working harder to clean in between players.

“Just an arduous process. Washing down each cart between each use, spraying down services takes a lot of time, a lot of manpower,” said head golf professional Jacob Mast.

But now that time has been cut down thanks to Lynchburg pilot Kyle Falwell, who is the co-creator of Bon Airosol.

It’s an alcohol-based cleaning solution, built into a backpack and pressed out by carbon dioxide.

Lynchburg pilot Kyle Falwell is the co-creator of Bon Airosol. Falwell new device helps Lynchburg-area businesses clean up a lot quicker after customers. (Copyright 2020 by WSLS 10 - All rights reserved.)

“It was a pretty quick process for us to get to where we wanted it. So, within a couple, 2 to 3 days we had our first solution,” Falwell said.

Falwell originally did this to keep his Bon Air planes clean between every passenger.

But the demand to expand grew in less than a month.

“We’ve got companies that are using it for the outdoor seating to be able to spray after each use. They’ve gotten tons of positive feedback from the customers that are sitting there,” Falwell said.

Falwell has already made about 30 gallon solutions and recently donated a backpack to the Lynchburg Humane Society.

“We want to see business get back to business as normal but with everybody being safe and healthy,” Falwell said.

Falwell says he’s working to get the cleaner approved by the EPA so it can officially be called a disinfectant.