Lynchburg working to save ash trees across city

Ash trees are known to have wood-boring beetles inside

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg is saving ash trees throughout the city.

With help from the Virginia Department of Forestry, city leaders are treating ash trees in parks, cemeteries and other areas.

Ash trees are known to have wood-boring beetles inside.

On Wednesday, at Miller Park, a tree-saving company drilled holes into the tree base and injected an insecticide to help kill the bugs.

“These trees behind me, I can’t say they will survive without treatment. If we keep doing treatment on these trees, we can make sure they last a little bit longer,” said urban forester Sarah Hagan.

The city first detected the issue in 2017. Since then Lynchburg has removed over 100 ash trees planted in the right-of-way, roadways and city parks.

City leaders will continue the process again Thursday.

Hagen said if you think you have an ash tree near your home, look for blonding bark spots. Hagen also said if your tree has gone from a normal color to blond or if the tree was healthy last year and looks dead now, she suggests calling a tree expert to take it down.