'She tried to eat my whole book’: Local six-year-old finds new reading partner

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – When you’re six years old and this pandemic prevents you from reading with people, what do you do? You read to your pets, of course.

Photos of Kendall McPeak, from Riner, reading to the family cow put a smile on many faces.

Her father Dustin said Kendall’s teacher encouraged her class to practice reading aloud while at home and that’s exactly what she did.

Kendall started by reading to their dog, and when that storytime came to an end, she brought her book outside to share with the next willing participant: Daisy.

“When we looked out and seen that she was reading to the cow, we thought it was great, 'cause she can’t really be face-to-face with anyone else right now," said Dustin said.

"It was really fun because I know the cow loves to lick stuff so she tried to eat my whole book," Kendall said.

Dustin says this won’t be the last time Kendall reads to Daisy. He and his wife encourage her reading.

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