Group protests outside Lynchburg restaurant for its support of Jerry Falwell’s mask tweet

Restaurant has since apologized, saying it doesn’t support racism

Protesters gather outside Fifth and Federal after the restaurant tweets in support of Liberty University President Jerry Falwell's tweet. (Amy Corbett)

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A group of protesters showed up to a Lynchburg restaurant on Sunday.

This protest initially wasn’t related to the recent ones across the country regarding the police treatment of African Americans, sparked by George Floyd’s death, but a tweet made by the restaurant.

Later, however, the protesters used the opportunity to protest the police treatment of African Americans.

People gathered outside Fifth and Federal Station after the restaurant responded to a tweet by Liberty University President Jerry Falwell.

The restaurant supported Falwell’s tweet using the blackface photo from Northam’s medical school yearbook on a face covering, asking if it could have them for its employees.

The business has since issued a statement apologizing to anyone who thought they were supporting racism. Rather, they, "stand for freedom from the oppressive government actions of Governor Northam.”

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