'We must struggle together to get there’: Virginia Tech holds virtual conversation to discuss racism

Conversation called “Unfinished Conversation about Race”

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Virginia Tech is responding to ongoing nationwide protests by discussing the issue of racism in America.

In a virtual conference Friday afternoon, professors shared their perspective and experiences with race and racism.

It was held by the university’s Office for Inclusion and Diversity.

The office’s vice president for strategic affairs and diversity, Menah Pratt-Clarke, said African Americans are tired of being sick and tired of racism.

“We don’t want words, statements, empty platitudes, expressions of guilt or sadness. We want transformational change. Yet I know, as many of us do know, that we must struggle together to get there. This conversation today is about how we might get there together,” said Pratt-Clarke.

To watch the full conversation, click here.