Here are Virginia’s new taxes that go into effect on July 1

Statewide, the cigarette tax increases


RICHMOND, Va. – During the recent Virginia General Assembly session, many new tax laws were approved.

Those taxes go into effect on July 1.

Here’s a look at some of the new taxes:

Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax Increase: The tax rate will double for cigarettes and other tobacco products currently subject to the tax. The tax on a pack of cigarettes increases from 30 cents to 60 cents per pack. 

Liquid Nicotine Subject to Tobacco Products Tax: The new tax rate for liquid nicotine products is 6.6 cents per milliliter on sales or purchases on or after July 1.

Halifax County Local Tax Increase: Beginning July 1, a new 1% retail sales and use tax raises the tax rate in Halifax County to 6.3%. This includes the 4.3% state tax, the 1% local option tax and the 1% Halifax additional tax.

The increased sales and use tax increase does not apply to food purchased for human consumption, such as groceries, or essential personal hygiene products as both are taxed at a reduced rate. 

Retail Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Gun Safes: As of July 1, gun safes with a selling price of $1,500 or less per item are exempt from the retail sales and use tax

This exemption includes a gun safe or vault that is:

  • Commercially available
  • Secured with a digital or dial combination locking mechanism or biometric locking mechanism
  • Designed for the storage of a firearm or for ammunition

Glass-faced cabinets are not eligible for this exemption. 

You can see the a complete list of the new 2020 state and local tax laws here.

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