‘Little things that you can do for your neighbors’: Lynchburg officer mows woman’s yard after son dies

Lt. Luke Bryan used day off from work to clean Glenna Wright’s yard

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A Lynchburg police officer is making a difference for one grieving family.

Lt. Luke Bryan used his day off to clean Glenna Wright’s yard.

Over the weekend, officers were called to Wright’s home on Rockbridge Avenue and found her son, Eduardo Jordan unresponsive on the basement floor.

Wright, who was too emotional to go on camera with 10 News, said the 42-year-old had plans to mow the lawn Sunday, but suddenly passed away that morning.

Bryan, who was on scene, overheard and stepped in, making a promise to Wright that he and his son will come and cut the grass.

“This didn’t take us but 30 minutes to do today and I hope it was a big help for her. So, I just say, open your eyes and look around. There’s little things that you can do for your neighbors right now that could be a big difference,” Bryan said.

Wright said Jordan died from a heart attack, but she’s waiting on the medical examiner’s final results.

She tearfully told 10 News she’s thankful for Bryan and the other first responders who were on scene.

She said she will pay the act of kindness forward to someone else.