Jones will serve Danville as mayor for another term

Alonzo Jones has been on city council since 2010

DANVILLE, Va. – During its first meeting, the newly-elected Danville City Council voted on a new mayor.

The council voted that Alonzo Jones should remain the city’s mayor.

Jones was first elected to city council in 2010 and has remained on since.

Gary Miller will serve the city as vice mayor. Education and a resort casino are two things he said he plans to continue to focus on.

“I’m on the city council school board compact committee, which is promoting the improvement of our schools, and I’ll continue working as hard as I can,” said Miller.

Lee Vogler, who won his reelection bid in May, previously served as vice mayor.

“I think it’s good to let other folks serve in that capacity as well, but I plan on being just as active as I have been if not more so,” Vogler said.

One of his goals this term is to establish a summer youth jobs program like what the city had several years ago.