‘I was speechless at first’: Danville Girl Scout breaks record for cookie sales

Trinity Malone hustled for 13 years in a row to sell a thousand boxes each year

DANVILLE, Va. – Marking a milestone one cookie at a time.

A Danville teen makes history selling Girl Scout cookies.

Trinity Malone didn’t just sell a few boxes outside of a grocery store: She hustled for 13 years in a row to do something no one else like her as ever done before. She is the first African American Girl Scout to sell a thousand boxes of cookies in the Virginia Skyline Council 13 years in a row.

“I was speechless at first, because I never would have thought that I would get honored for something like this,” said Malone.

She said selling that many cookies wasn’t really a goal she set out to do, but once Trinity hit the mark year after year she just kept going. In fact, she says it wasn’t difficult.

“It’s really not that hard. You just have to basically collect a lot of customers. It’s kind of like social media where you have to form a fan base or something,” Trinity said.

Her mom and scout leader, Tambra, is proud of Trinity’s success.

“I think it’s a big accomplishment, to use her Girl Scout skills on everyday life. Just to know girl scouting is not just to sell cookies,” Tambra said.

Over the years, Trinity has picked-up business and marketing skills as she sold thousands of boxes of sweet treats.

“It taught me to be a leader and it taught me to be kind to others and help others throughout my time,” Trinity said.

She's learned to help others while others have certainly helped her reach this goal.

“I would like to thank the community for always being there for us year after year,” Tambra said.

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