Lynchburg hospital sees surge of COVID-19 patients

Last week, Centra Lynchburg had 20 people on the COVID-19 floor

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Centra officials in Lynchburg are seeing a surge in coronavirus patients.

Last week, they had 20 people on the COVID-19 floor at Centra Lynchburg General Hospital.

In a virtual press conference Wednesday, health leaders told 10 News the surge comes as a lot more people are going out and some can’t say how they got the virus.

Centra leaders believe it's being spread through the community.

There are 15 people in the hospital right now, eight of whom are in intensive care unit.

“Unfortunately, what we’re starting to see a lot of now are patients who try to do everything appropriately, try to shelter at home as much as they can, don’t have any known contacts, but are getting sick. And many of those patients who are getting sick frankly look like I do. They’re men and women in their 50s,” Andy Mueller, Centra CEO, said.

Public visitation is still not allowed in Centra hospitals right now with exception of a few surgical visits.

Centra said the visitation policy will be considered for visitors who are screened negative upon arrival.

Approved visitors as well as outpatients with scheduled appointments will be screened for symptoms and temperature prior to entry.

Here’s a breakdown of what that looks like:

• Obstetrical patient/Neonatal Nursery - One approved visitor

• Pediatric patient - One approved visitor will be permitted (parent or legal guardian)

• Comfort care / end of life care - One approved visitor

• Surgeries - One visitor for sedated patients who have cognitive impairments or pediatric patients

• Cognitive impairments - One approved visitor