Danville five-year-old opens up market in front yard

ZayDen Saunders is spending his summer learning how to be an entrepreneur

DANVILLE, Va. – It’s not uncommon for children to build lemonade stands, but one Danville boy set up his own convenience store.

ZayDen Saunders is spending his summer learning how to be a little entrepreneur.

Most five-year-olds aren’t posing for pictures with their customers, but ZayDen Saunders’ parents say he isn’t a typical little boy.

When Santa got him a shopping mart for Christmas, the little guy wasn't satisfied with the fake food.

“The artificial toys weren’t enough. He wanted the real deal,” said Darrin Saunders, ZayDen’s dad.

“I would look and he would be in my kitchen cabinet getting the flour or canned food,” said Crystal Saunders, ZayDen’s mom.

In typical child fashion, ZayDen asked his parents over and over if he could open his own mart.

They obliged and to their delight, customers started stopping by.

“They’re as shocked as we are, they can’t believe that a five-year-old thought about this, to take the initiative to do it himself, it’s amazing,” said Darrin.

“I sell chips, cotton candy, popcorn, candy, skittles, honeybuns, drinks, water, capri suns, and sodas,” ZayDen said.

He is the proud owner of Scooters Mart.

“I like people when they come to buy stuff,” ZayDen said.

His mom says in the process of ringing people up, he's working on his math skills.

ZayDen's certainly getting a head start on his dream.

“I want to have my own real market,” said ZayDen.

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