Walking Marine stops in Lynchburg while raising awareness about veteran suicide

Terry Sharp walks to Washington D.C. to raise awareness about suicidal veterans

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The man known as the walking marine made his stop to Lynchburg on Friday.

For seven years, Terry Sharp has walked from his home in Summerfield, North Carolina to Washington, D.C. in efforts to raise awareness about veterans who commit suicide.

In addition, he also hopes to bring attention to the issues of veteran hunger and homelessness, both he says are connected to the suicide rate.

Sharp takes the 300-mile trek with two others and they started on July 1.

“I pump out about 14, 15 miles a day to make my mark at the 22. Now we got 10 and 11. Yesterday was 14. I had a lucky day. Today, not going to be much of an 11. It’s too hilly up here,” Sharp said.

Sharp hopes to make it to DC by the July 24.