Police are investigating a business break-in in Hillsville

Police say the suspect was masked and broke in with a rock.

(file) (KPRC via Pixabay)

HILLSVILLE, Va. – An investigation is underway in Hillsville after police say a masked individual broke into a local business with a rock.

Investigators with the Hillsville Police Department reported that the incident occurred last Wednesday around 4 a.m. at Contenders Pizzeria & Arcade, located in Hickory Hills Shopping Center.

According to the report, security cameras at the business show one individual exit a white SUV with black rims while wearing a mask, hoodie and gloves.

The security video shows the individual going straight to the cash register, and then proceeding straight to the back office. Investigators noted that the masked person “went through fast” and was “not inside the restaurant for more than a few minutes.”

Investigators report that after the vehicle left the scene of the breaking and entering, another video shows the SUV in the parking lot of a gas station in Hillsville.

“The vehicle went to Cockerham’s at Exit 14 and met with a pickup truck,” the report said. “On security cameras, the pickup pulled in at Cockerham’s approximately 2-3 minutes before the SUV, which was headed from the direction of Hillsville.”

At this time, police are considering any individuals in the pickup to be involved, as well.

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