Lynchburg couple celebrates 70 years of marriage while separated during pandemic

Carl and Linda Long were surprised by family with drive-by parade

LYNCHBURG, Va. – One Lynchburg couple isn’t letting the coronavirus stop them from celebrating 70 years of love.

Carl and Linda Long’s wedding anniversary is on Thursday.

The pandemic has kept the couple apart for months as Linda, 89, is in long-term care with dementia at The Summit, an assisted living home.

Because of safety precautions, she can’t see her husband in person.

On Thursday, Linda watched via Facetime as family and friends surprised the couple with a drive-by parade to help celebrate.

“Bunch, thank you again for 70, 70 wonderful years,” Carl Long said. “I never could imagine anything like this … never.”

“For him to be able to see her on a screen is so special,” Vangie Alban, the Longs’ daughter, said.

“What an example for us too and for next generation and the generation to come,” Carla Solan, the Longs’ daughter, said.

At 91 years old, Carl still remembers he and Linda were married on a Saturday at 3 P.M.