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Virginia Tech students living on-campus will be required to get tested for coronavirus

Town hall held Friday to discuss university's response when students return

BLACKSBURG, Va. – For Virginia Tech students, there may be a lot of uncertainty heading into the new school year but one thing is certain: if you’re going to be living on-campus, you’re going to be tested for the coronavirus.

“You’ll be assigned a move in time and a testing time,” Virginia Tech President Tim Sands said during a virtual town hall Friday.

For those who refuse to be tested, their on-campus housing agreement will be canceled, except under certain circumstances.

Sands encourages students to self-quarantine for two weeks before coming to campus and then self-quarantine again after getting tested until the test result comes back.

He also encourages students to form groups once on-campus and require masks and social distancing when interacting with anyone outside the group.

“This is not our biggest test ever. It’s a different kind of test, but we will pass it,” said Sands.

Students living off-campus will not be required to get tested because testing students living off-campus is more complicated, Sands said, but testing will be available through the university’s health center.

If a student living on campus tests positive for the virus, the dean of students will work with them.

“Maybe the best option is to go home with your family or individually. Maybe the best option is to isolate on campus,” Sands said.

Off-campus students could also be isolated on-campus if they test positive.