‘We’re ready to send these guys home’: Clear The Shelters pet adoption event will last throughout August

'Every adoption makes room for us to help another pet in need'

ROANOKE, Va. – Clear The Shelters has returned for 2020, and there is more time than ever to find the perfect pet this year.

The campaign will last through August this year, so that interested families will not have to rush to adopt during one day. The Roanoke Valley Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Angels of Assisi are both participating in the event.

“Every adoption makes room for us to help another pet in need,” said Roanoke Valley SPCA Executive Director Denise Hayes.

“I have really high hopes for them and we’re ready to send these guys home,” said Angels of Assisi adoption director April Saunders.

A new shelter has joined the adoption effort this year: Roanoke’s Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection (RCACP).

“Even though we are the pound, we love our animals so much,” said Melinda Rector, RCACP’s operations manager. “We want them to have a happy outcome and happy lives.”

There’s no window shopping this year. All three shelters now require interested parties to look and apply for pets online rather than on-site, due to COVID-19 concerns.

“When you come in to your appointment, we bring the dog or cat you applied for outside,” Saunders said. “Everything takes place outside, everyone has face coverings on, and you actually do get to spend time with your animal.”

Although the pandemic has changed how animal shelters operate, all three say they have seen an increase in adoptions since the spring.

“Adoption is through the roof. Fostering is through the roof,” Saunders said. “We’ve been blessed.”

However, they agree there is still a pressing need for pet adoptions.

“August is kitten season. We have lots of kittens born in our community every year,” Hayes said. “Every adoption, while we’re happy for that pet, we’re also happy for the pet that comes behind them because we can save another life.”

For more information on Clear The Shelters, including a complete list of participating shelters in the area, click here.

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