Roanoke Rescue Mission has $100,000 in donations doubled by Skolrood Law Firm

With rent, mortgage and utility assistance is being lifted, Rescue Mission is seeing increased need

ROANOKE, Va. – A huge donation to the Roanoke Rescue Mission has now doubled thanks to your generous giving.

As we’ve reported, Skolrood Law Firm agreed to match donations up to $100,000.

The Mission spent all July working to raise the money.

We are happy to report they reached their goal and now $200,000 will go toward feeding and sheltering an increasing number of families in need.

“We’re having more and more people contact us, reaching out for shelter, so now more than ever we need to see what that impact looks like and what that’s going to do for us and increase the need that we have and just basically serving food,” said Becci Sisson, the Rescue Mission’s director of development.

Sisson said now that rent, mortgage and utility assistance is being lifted, they’re seeing the true need for housing help.

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