Lynchburg reaches functional zero for veteran homelessness

Homeless advocates place more than a dozen homeless vets in permanent housing

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Advocates for people experiencing homelessness in Lynchburg are proud to say the city is at a functional zero for homeless veterans.

That means more veterans are finding permanent housing after living on the streets for years.

Last year, Miriam’s House, an advocate group for homeless people, had 20 veterans in their case load.

As of Tuesday, that number has dropped to one.

Adam Holmes is one of those people living in a new home.

“I think every veteran would agree having that functional zero is super important because they know they have a place to go now,” Holmes said.

The city reached this milestone in February this year, but have been able to maintain it throughout the pandemic.

“We have the teamwork, capacity and resources to serve every single veteran who experiences homelessness in our community,” said Sarah Quarantotto, executive director of Miriam’s House.

Officials said the Lynchburg area is the 12th community in the nation to achieve functional zero.