Roanoke retirement community throws lemonade-themed parade for residents

Roanoke's mayor and vice-mayor joined in on the fun

Cars full of loved ones and a lemonade truck paraded in front of Hermitage Roanoke on Friday.

ROANOKE, Va. – A Roanoke retirement community organized a sweet treat for its residents Friday afternoon.

Hermitage Roanoke hosted a lemonade-themed parade, featuring many of the residents’ friends and family. Roanoke mayor Sherman Lea and vice-mayor Joseph Cobb also joined in the parade.

Hermitage Director of Wellness Samantha Swanberg said it’s important for residents to reunite with loved ones however they can.

“I think it’s extra special. You have just everyone out here. A lot of our family members that come are family to multiple residents, not just one. It’s cool that they can see everyone,” said Swanberg.