Website created to help with child care needs in Martinsville, Henry County

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – There’s a new website available to help people locally with child care.

Several organizations in Martinsville and Henry County collaborated to create it.

Along with information about available child care programs, it has information about feeding programs and information to help small businesses and nonprofits.

Philip Wenkstern, the executive director of the Martinsville-Henry County United Way, said one popular feature is the application for child care subsidies.

The Martinsville-Henry County United Way is one of the organizations that helped create the site.

“We’ve already seen, probably, 15 or 20 applications come in since, I think, we really made that live yesterday. So even without doing much promotion at this point, parents are aware of it and parents are taking advantage, which I think is a testament to the need we are anticipating in the community,” said Wenkstern.