TRAFFIC ALERT: Lynbrook Road in Campbell County reopening delayed

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CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – Motorists who use Route 622, Lynbrook Road in Campbell County as a shortcut between Routes 29 and 460 will need to use an alternate route for a little longer, according to a release from VDOT.

Since August 1, over five inches of rain have fallen at the project site. This has left the ground saturated and has prevented the prime contractor, Kanawha from finishing the grading and paving work needed to complete this portion of the project.

“Kanawha and VDOT want to ensure motorists can safely travel this roadway when re-opened,” said Terry D. Meadows, P. E., district construction engineer. “Heavy rainfall over the last couple of weeks has slowed the completion of a stabilized roadway surface, which is required in order to safely reopen the road to thru traffic.”

Lynbrook Road was closed to thru traffic on Monday, June 20 with an expectation the road would open again by Tuesday, August 18. Local traffic has been able to continue to access properties throughout the closure. The road is now expected to re-open to thru traffic prior to the current start date of Campbell County public schools.

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