Dennis Quaid the cat leaves Lynchburg shelter for new Hollywood home at actor’s podcast studio

Actor Dennis Quaid’s podcast co-host picked up the 6-year-old feline from the Lynchburg Humane Society

Dennis Quaid the cat got picked up over the weekend to meet his namesake and new owner.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Dennis Quaid the cat is now living his best California life.

This weekend, actor Dennis Quaid’s podcast co-host picked up the 6-year-old feline from the Lynchburg Humane Society.

The cat waited for more than a year at the shelter to find a forever home.

[‘I just couldn’t resist’: Actor Dennis Quaid is adopting a Lynchburg shelter cat named Dennis Quaid]

It was well worth the wait as he hit the adoption jackpot.

“It’s a bad day for California mice,” said Dennis Quaid.

Take a look as Dennis Quaid the cat meets his new housemate for the first time Credit: Jimmy Jellinek

Quaid first learned about his namesake when WSLS 10 News featured the cat in a Clear the Shelters segment.

“When the WSLS story was first posted about Dennis the cat, it came to us,” said Jimmy Jellinek, The Pet Show podcast co-host.

Jellinek and Quaid co-host podcast together.

It did not take long to decide Dennis the cat belonged with them.

“When Dennis said he wanted to adopt this cat, I felt compelled to go and get it. I don’t know, it felt like a story that needed to happen,” Jellinek said.

Jellinek flew in from Los Angeles to rescue Dennis Quaid the cat and tour the shelter he’s called home for more than a year.

“He is going to be a Hollywood cat and we expect him to fulfill his destiny as a celebrity pet and he is going to live a life of luxury, a life of leisure,” Jellinek joked.

The adoption story is one that has captured the world’s attention.

“This is something I think touched people in a way they want to be part of the story,” said Jellinek said.

Even to the point where staff keep getting emails with celebrity name suggestions.

“It’s fun, people have already been sending in, ‘Oh, please name a cat after this person or this person,’ so it’s just been a really fun way to get the community engaged,” said Danielle Ulmer, Adoption Center Manager at the Lynchburg Humane Society.

More engagement could mean Nicole Kidman the cat finds a forever home.

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