Political analyst: Falwell Jr.‘s resignation won’t have lasting effects on Trump campaign, election

'Donald Trump is much bigger than Liberty University'

Dr. Ed Lynch discusses if Jerry Falwell Jr.'s scandal will have an affect on President Trump's campaign.

In the political arena, Jerry Falwell Jr. was one of the first people to give an endorsement to now President Trump.

After Falwell’s endorsement, Trump tweeted that Falwell was one of the most respected religious leaders in the nation.

Falwell continued to actively campaign for Trump and even said he turned down the position of Secretary of Education.

Despite all this, 10 News Political Analyst Dr. Ed Lynch said the scandal won’t have any lasting effects in the election.

“There’ll be some wobbling. There’ll be some pullbacks of contributions. There’ll be some statements of lack of support,” said Lynch. “But none of that is going to be major because Donald Trump is much bigger than Liberty University and Liberty University has had an existence and a great deal of success before anybody took Donald Trump seriously as a presidential candidate.”

Lynch said he doesn’t think this will have a major impact on the Trump campaign’s fundraising either.

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