Danville city leaders, Caesars finalize agreement for proposed casino

Caesars would give the city $15 million up front, in addition to tax revenue

DANVILLE, Va. – The stage is now set in Danville for citizens to make the final vote on whether or not they’ll allow a casino in their city.

Tuesday night, Danville City Council approved a performance agreement with Caesars Entertainment, which promises to bring millions of dollars and quality jobs to the region.

This is the latest step in helping shape the Danville of the future - one that could include a casino.

City Council agreed to what the city stands to gain from Caesars Entertainment in exchange for allowing a casino resort at the old schoolfield site.

Danville Mayor Alonzo Jones said the plan is good for the city.

“Our consultants and our attorneys have been working very hard with Caesars’s attorneys and their consultants to make sure Danville gets exactly what we feel Danville deserves and it worked out greatly,” said Jones.

While citizens won’t vote until November, the city is already making plans for the money.

Caesars promises to invest $400 million dollars in the resort itself, hire 1,300 people at $15 an hour minimum and buy the city a firetruck and ambulance.

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