First week of remote learning brings challenges

Dozens of students learning from virtual learning sites

ROANOKE, Va. – It’s day three of virtual learning for most Roanoke City students, and dozens are going to the West End Center during the day.

About 70 kids from kindergarten and up are learning there, and they are all on different schedules and in different classes.

The program director says it’s been challenging, but it’s a work in progress. Internet connection has been an issue along with the technology the school system is using.

“It’s a struggle at this point trying to get everybody on the same page and try to understand everybody’s timing and schedules,” said Danny Britton, West End Center program manager. “Every single day we’re learning something new that works and we’re learning things that do not work, but it’s gotten better every day and I hope that it will continue to do that.”

They are still looking to hire people and would love to have volunteers. If you are interested, you can call them 540-342-0902.

After the school day, they’re still providing after school care until 6 p.m. every day too.

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