Roanoke city school leaders pleased with first week back to school

While they’re optimistic, they say there are still some kinks to work out.

ROANOKE, Va. – With most students back to the books this fall, whether in person or from home, schools are starting to get a look at how their plans are going.

Roanoke City leaders said while there are some growing pains, things are going well.

Tuesday’s school board meeting was dominated by the first week’s update. Superintendent Verletta White remains confident the choice to go fully virtual was the right one.

“We believe that things are going relatively well, we know that we’ve had some bumps in the road and so we’ve been in communication with our parents and with our students as well so that we can iron out any kinks that we see," White said.

On the first day of classes, tech help took thousands of calls from parents and students. But division leaders said it was mostly minor issues and things are working out.

There are some students that still need to get computers, but that list is a relatively small and top priority. School leaders said keeping stand and especially students focused on work is no different than it would be online.

“Principals are able to actually able to go into Microsoft Teams meetings to watch the synchronous meetings as they’re going along, but also they can go into the canvas pages of each teacher to see what the instruction that’s being set up," Johnston said.

The division said a nationwide shortage of cleaning solution for their advanced cleaning machines is hitting them too, but they’re making other arrangements.

White keeps in touch with health leaders and is hopeful the plan to return to the classroom can stay on track.

“So we continue to watch our numbers and that is just one data point that we have to consider when we’re looking forward to the second quarter," White said.

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