Work underway to repair flood damage to Roanoke’s greenways

Parts have been damaged since flooding in the spring

ROANOKE, Va. – Crews are working to repair flood damage to some of Roanoke’s greenways.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, crews are working to lay concrete on a section of the Roanoke River Greenway in front of The Green Goat in the Wasena area of the city.

It’s one of a few low-lying flood-prone areas that washed out during flooding in the spring.

Crews are replacing the greenway with concrete, rather than asphalt because it’s a little tougher and more flood-resistant.

“The greenways are generally in the floodplain and that’s why we got the land because people can’t build there and that’s what makes it good for a Greenway. It helps in terms of a lot of environmental things,” said Roanoke Valley Greenways Coordinator Liz Belcher.

Parts of the greenway in Salem were repaired for the same reason last week. Other sections in Roanoke will be repaired this week and next.

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