Danville city councilmembers tour proposed police station site

Funding for site dependent on casino referendum vote

DANVILLE, Va. – Plans for Danville’s proposed police station are in limbo until the November election, but city councilmembers took a tour of the property before the big vote.

On Thursday afternoon, councilmembers walked through the Memorial Drive facility, which once was the Dan River Mills executive building. The funding for its renovation to become the new Danville Police Station depends on the vote for a proposed Caesars casino in town.

If the vote for the casino passes, Caesars would spend $20 million on Danville municipal projects, including the new police station.

Councilmember Lee Vogler hopes Danville residents think about the proposed police station when they cast their votes this election season.

“If you vote yes on this, it will help pay for this new police station the department has needed for a number of years," Vogler said. "It will also do things with the White Mill and Riverfront Park.”

Currently, the Danville Police Department is headquartered at the bottom floor of Danville City Hall.

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