Roanoke County election director outlines plan for possible voter intimidation

Cellphones outside the 40-foot zone is encouraged

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – The right to vote is especially important in 2020, but election directors are preparing for situations where that right could be threatened.

Roanoke County Election Director Anna Cloeter said it’s important for voters to brave any possible threats at polling places, but it’s just as important to call for help when needed.

“We don’t want anybody to feel like they’re in danger of exercising their fundamental right to vote," Cloeter said.

Election boards are responsible for any incidents within 40 feet of a polling place, where campaigning is not allowed under any circumstance.

However, Cloeter encourages voters to have their cellphones ready for any instances outside of the 40-foot zone.

“If you’re in line at your polling place and you do feel intimidated, you need to call the police and you need to call us so we can send somebody to help," Cloeter said.

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