Salem seafood restaurant closing after 16 years

Its last operating day is Oct. 17

Outside of Capt'n Paul's Seafood in Salem, Va.
Outside of Capt'n Paul's Seafood in Salem, Va. (Capt'n Paul's Seafood)

SALEM, Va. – A popular seafood restaurant in Salem is closing its doors after 16 years.

Capt’n Paul’s Seafood announced on Wednesday that its last day in business will be Oct. 17.

It is with heavy heart that I write this to you. Saturday, October 17th, will be the last day we will be open. I just...

Posted by Capt'n Paul's Seafood on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

In a statement, the restaurant’s owner said the decision was not made by a lack of business, but because times have changed.

He said it was getting increasingly difficult to get the quality of products that meets his standards at an affordable price.

The owner, Andrew Skelton, is a Virginia Tech alum who took ownership of the restaurant in January 2004 with help from his family.

“I don’t see things getting any cheaper and I don’t want to lessen my quality of product that I have worked so hard to maintain,” Skelton writes. “So with that being said I am truly sorry, I know this is upsetting to some, it is for me, but with the added stress of everything, I feel it is best for me and my family that I move on and start another chapter in my life where seafood is not in the picture.”

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