Secretary of State Mike Pompeo makes special visit to Liberty University

Livestream conversation with debate team focuses on alliances

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Liberty University students received a special visit from the United States State Department Tuesday.

Secretary Mike Pompeo joined members of the LU debate team for a live stream conversation to discuss alliances, their benefits and risks.

The topic coincides with the team’s theme for this year: dealing with Japan, the Republic of Korea, NATO, and the Philippines.

Secretary Pompeo said he tries to treat every counterpart with respect.

“I have not found a single alliance structure that is a 100%, every day, working solely for the benefit of the United States of America. The very reason one enters into partnerships, alliances, agreements is because there is a solution that is cumulatively better for all of the members.”

Secretary Pompeo also said even in deep disagreements, we should do our best to listen, understand, and appreciate concerns while doing what’s best for the country.

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