TAP needs community support to continue helping people in poverty

‘Bringing Home Hope’ campaign aims to raise $150,000

ROANOKE, Va. – Total Action for Progress, or TAP, has announced a new initiative to help families get out of and stay out of poverty.

Tuesday morning, TAP announced a campaign to raise $150,000 called Bringing Home Hope.

This will help support TAP’s work in education and employment, domestic violence and family services, as well as in housing and financial services.

“We need the community to continue to help us to stay around. And so Bringing Hope Home gives the community an opportunity to say, ‘TAP, we value you. You provide a valuable service to our citizens. We want you here, so here’s our support,’” TAP president and CEO Annette Lewis said.

TAP has already raised nearly $95,000. They’re hoping to reach their goal by the end of June.

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