Valley Metro offering free bus rides on Election Day

Valley Metro is making sure everyone can get to the polls on Election Day.

ROANOKE, Va. – If you live in Roanoke and do not have a car, you now have a helpful option to get to a polling place.

Valley Metro announced it will make all rides across the system free on Election Day.

Valley Metro general manager Kevin Price said the agency traditionally waives fares to encourage voting on Election Day. However, he said it’s even more vital this year because riders are voting for President, Roanoke’s mayor and Roanoke city councilmembers.

“People can avail themselves to polling places across the city with this," Price said. "It’s very important to vote, so we didn’t want transportation to be a barrier for someone seeking to exercise their right to vote.”

If you choose to use Valley Metro to vote, social distancing guidelines are still in place. Masks remain mandatory aboard all Valley Metro bus lines.