Sen. Mark Warner, mayoral candidates talk to Roanoke voters in final push before Election Day

Warner was there for his 'Get Out the Vote’ campaign

ROANOKE, Va. – Sen. Mark Warner continued his “Get Out the Vote” campaign and the Star City was one of his several stops on Saturday morning for his final push to garner support.

Roanoke’s mayoral candidates also talked with voters and while they differ on their top priorities, both agreed that making your voice heard is important

“This is a big election. This is a major election. Not only locally but across this country because we are a divided country right now and we need to come together,” Mayor Sherman Lea said."

“People should be very confident of the early voting here in roanoke. The early voting has gone very well,” said David Bowers.

Mayor Lea says his focus is helping the city get through the coronavirus pandemic while former Mayor Bowers says he wants to address Roanoke’s gun violence.

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