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Henry County voters to determine fate of sales tax increase that would benefit schools

On Tuesday, residents will decide if they will agree to a tax increase to help renovate schools

Voters will decide whether a sales tax increase is approved in Henry County.
Voters will decide whether a sales tax increase is approved in Henry County.

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – The presidential race won’t be the only thing Henry County residents will have to vote for on Tuesday.

Depending on what voters bubble in Tuesday, taxes may go up next year for Henry County residents.

The school district is requesting a sales tax to help expedite renovation projects for their aging schools.

“It has taken us almost 10 years to replace, in phases, the roof at Bassett High School," said Henry County Public Schools communications director Monica Hatchett.

It’s a $2.6 million project that’s expected to finally be complete mid-November.

Hatchett said if the 1% sales tax increase goes through, it will help expedite projects, like expanding the cafeteria at the G.W. Carver Elementary School to accommodate 500 students.

It’s a project with a price tag of about $1,000,000 right now, but could go even higher.

“If you do that, obviously you are only spending a small amount for that particular phase of the project, but the project itself is going to cost much more over time if you have to do it that way," Hatchett said.

If voters agree to the sales tax, the school district would gain about $1,000,000.

Despite having a long list of projects, Hatchett said it will help make a dent.

“So certainly, that will help us move in the right direction to do some of the things that need to be done in our schools," Hatchett said.

However, if the tax is not passed, the school said they will resort to their old method and just save their funds and renovate in phases.

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