’We all know money is tight’: Holiday season could be a boost for Lynchburg small businesses

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The holidays are usually a lucrative time for Lynchburg small businesses, but the coronavirus pandemic has made the season more important than ever for some of them.

“With construction on Main Street and with COVID, it’s like a one-two punch,” said Tarsha Joyner, who owns Mrs. Joy’s Absolutely Delicious Treats in downtown Lynchburg.

Joyner said her bakery has had a steady stream of customers throughout the year, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are when her business peaks.

“They call it Black Friday for a reason. This is the time of year that puts everybody in the black,” Joyner said. “You make a great portion of your profits in the latter quarter of the year.”

Lynchburg resident Jerry Griffin said that’s part of why he has committed to spending most of his money at local shops through the end of the year.

“The dollars stay in our city and they help people we know and care about,” Griffin said. “To me, supporting local business is essential.”

Griffin and Joyner both encourage others in Lynchburg to seek out small businesses first during the Christmas season.

“They’re a part of our community, so we get to share in their success by supporting them,” Griffin said.

“Small businesses have to put food on the table, too, and we all know money is tight,” Joyner said.

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