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No one with Sovah Heath has had a significant allergic reaction to coronavirus vaccine

Everyone who’s been vaccinated will be able to get the second dose

Close to 600 people across Sovah Health are now vaccinated against COVID-19.

Health experts there said those who are experiencing side effects have dealt with injection site soreness and maybe a mild headache, but no one has had a significant allergic reaction.

“There’s been some who have had maybe a small rash, something of that nature which would not preclude them from getting their second injection and that’s what we really want to make sure that is clear. You’re only doing half the work if you do half the dose,” said Sovah Health CMO Dr. Sheranda Gunn-Nolan.

“We’re all hoping and pleading with the community, when it’s your time, be ready to be vaccinated,” said Sovah Health CEO Alan Larson.

Sovah Health expects to receive the Moderna vaccine later this week.

When we reached out to LewisGale, we were told that health group does have the Moderna vaccine.

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