Teen inspired by grandmother’s love letters publishes his own book, sending a message of love

Ocir Black asked the moms to put all their love and advice in writting

Ocir Black used his time in quarantine in a very creative way.

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – A teenage boy is passing his family’s legacy of writing love letters on to others.

We caught up with the teen about how he used his extra time in 2020 to turn love letters into a book.

15-year-old Ocir Black, wisely invested all the time he had on his hands during quarantine.

“I wanted to write something that was unique, that was different,” explained Ocir.

Inspired by his grandmother Sallie Morris-Redd, a long-time English teacher in Henry County, who would write letters to her children and grandchildren, he asked mothers to write letters to their sons.

“My grandmother had a huge impact on my life,” said Ocir. “These letters were just everywhere, in her house, in our house, in my uncle’s house. It’s just so treasured.”

Having a mother’s words and wisdom to read and reread, like he does, is what he wanted to convey in his first publication.

Ocir asked the moms to put all their love and advice on paper.

“I was blown away because the moms went above my expectation,” said Ocir.

“He would say. ‘Mom, you’ve got to read this one and see how she talks just like you talk,’” recalled JaMese Morris Black, Ocir’s mom

He edited all the letters and published them in “Love Letters to My Son.”

“It’s a handbook about what is being taught to Black males growing up in America,” said Ocir.

“I think a primary reason in why it has been so successful is because it comes from a place of true sincerity in love and support and is not a judgment zone book. It teaches without teaching,” said JaMese.

The book demonstrating the love mothers have for their sons is for all to read.

“It’s important for people to read and take in what these mothers are saying,” said Ocir.

Ocir said family is very important to him and he plans to write another book that’s family-related.

If you would like to learn more about “Love Letters to My Son,” click here.

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