Hundreds of New River Valley essential workers receive the coronavirus vaccine

Teachers in Pulaski were some of the first teachers to be vaccinated

PULASKI COUNTY, Va. – Many essential workers in the New River Valley are now done with the first of two coronavirus vaccine doses.

On Monday, teachers from two Pulaski County Elementary schools received their first dose of the vaccine.

Staff from every school in the division could be vaccinated by the end of the week.

“It was very easy. You go in, you give your paperwork, you sit down, they give you the shot. It wasn’t very painful at all,” explained fifth-grade teacher Linda Boadwine.

Since so many essential workers fall within the Phase 1B vaccination category, New River Health Director Dr. Noelle Bissell expects it to take some time.

“This phase is definitely going to go for a couple of weeks. We want there to be overlap between the phases because we don’t want to waste any time. We want to keep moving,” Bissell said.

Pulaski Elementary School Principal Michael Price was one of the first to get vaccinated and he hopes it’s one step closer to bringing all his students back to school.

“We want our classrooms full. We want our classrooms safe and this is my opinion that there’s a good step towards that,” said Price.

Boadwine said that while it’s been the toughest school year to date, she’s happy most of her students have continued in-person learning.

“Some days are difficult more difficult than others, but I think for the most part, things are going well and I’m happy with where I am and what we’re doing with our children,” said Boadwine.

As the vaccination process continues, educators hope to soon bring this chapter of the pandemic to a close.

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