Virginians 65 and older, here’s how you can request a coronavirus vaccine

Virginia started Phase 1b vaccinations on Monday


RONAOKE, Va. – Now that parts of Virginia have moved into Phase 1b of coronavirus vaccinations, many are wondering how they can request one.

Unlike those who are eligible based on their jobs, one group is eligible simply based on age.

Those who are 65 years and older are now able to request the vaccine. While the age of Phase 1b was previously 75 and older, Gov. Ralph Northam announced on Jan. 14, that Phase 1b would be increased to follow CDC guidelines.

[Where are Virginia’s coronavirus cases? The health department’s interactive map]

In Virginia, 28 health districts, covering 112 of the Commonwealth’s 133 cities and counties are now in Phase 1b.

You can click here to find out in which phase you’re eligible to be vaccinated.

Below are links for how seniors in each health district can request the vaccine:

Below is a map showing which vaccine phase each city or county is currently in.

Remember, 1a does not include those 65+, while 1b does:

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