‘I’d give [President Trump] another degree if I was still at LU,’ says former president Jerry Falwell Jr.

Liberty is the lone university to not revoke honorary degrees given to President Trump

LYNCHBURG, Va. – After recent events, several universities have revoked President Donald Trump’s honorary degrees.

According to Forbes, it’s a move done by all except one: Liberty University.

In 2012, Liberty awarded Trump with an honorary doctorate of business.

Five years later, in 2017, the university again honored him, that time with an honorary doctorate of laws.

Save71, an alumni organization that advocates for reform at Liberty, believes the university should also rescind its honor.

“It’s important that Liberty makes it clear that Donald Trump, and the radical wing of his base that we saw at the Capitol, does not represent Christian values,” said Dustin Wahl, co-founder of Save71.

Former Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., who gave Trump those honorary degrees, released the following statement to 10 News

“I’d give him another degree if I was still at LU. He’s done nothing wrong but had an election stolen from him by thugs. He said nothing to incite violence at that rally. And he fulfilled all his campaign promises as president. That almost never happened before.”

Jerry Falwell Jr.

Liberty University did not want to comment.

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Tim Harfmann joined the 10 News team in September 2020 and works at the station's Lynchburg bureau.