Around $80,000 given to Lynchburg teachers in Classroom Innovation Grants

Lynchburg Education Foundation selects winners every year

Around $80,000 given to Lynchburg-area teachers in Classroom Innovation Grants
Around $80,000 given to Lynchburg-area teachers in Classroom Innovation Grants

LYNCHBURG, Va. – One million dollars going to pay for projects in Lynchburg schools — that’s the mark the Lynchburg Education Foundation just hit with this year’s Classroom Innovation Grants. The Lynchburg Education Foundation is giving out about $80,000 in grants again this year.

Kids are getting to do fun and unique activities thanks to generous donations from the community.

“We don’t want funding to be a stumbling block. When teachers are engaged, they’re happier and they tend to stay within the school division,” said Jodi Gillette, the Lynchburg Education Foundation Executive Director. “Teachers have some really great ideas but they don’t always fit into the school budget, whether they’re a new idea, or a little outside traditional scopes, or just budget restrictions. We provide the space for teachers to become innovative and try new things.”

“It’s great to have a foundation who you can propose exciting programs too and they say yes, we believe that’s important,” said Allison Daugherty, the E.C. Glass High School Theatre Department Director.

She got a $1,500 grant for Digital Theatre Plus, which she says is like an international field trip.

“It’s a theater education site with over 250 productions, documentaries, interviews, movement workshops,” said Daugherty. “It’s a great resource for students to be able to go online so that we can balance our hybrid teaching but we can also use it in the classroom.”

Gillette said being able to use the money in a hybrid school environment was one of the requirements this year.

The Lynchburg Education Foundation gives out Classroom Education Grants every year. (Courtesy: Lynchburg Education Foundation)

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