Travis Hackworth wins Republican primary for Virginia’s 38th District

Special election set for March 23


The results are in, Travis Hackworth has won the Republican primary for Virginia’s 38th District.

Hackworth raked in 1,932 votes and is replacing Sen. Ben Chafin, who died from COVID-19 complications on Jan. 1.

In total, 5,485 people voted in the special election.


Six Republicans are running for the chance to represent Virginia’s 38th District.

They faced off in a party canvas on Thursday.

Chafin, who died from COVID-19 complications on Jan. 1, leaves his Virginia Senate seat open.

A special election has been set for March 23 to fill the empty seat.

The names on the GOP ballot included Jony Baker, Dhad Dotson, Travis Hackworth, Elijah Leonard, Kimberly Lowe and Tamara Neo.

One voter at a polling location in Dublin, Fred Nester, said that he feels that voting is his right and his duty.


“I think just having the privilege of being able to come out and make my choice early, and also see how the primary goes to the actual senate election,” said Nester. “This is my opportunity to speak the way that I feel. And I challenge all of you to do this, to come out and to vote.”

So far, only one Democratic candidate, former Radford City Councilwoman Laurie Buchwald is in the race.

The canvas ends at 7 p.m., although anyone in line will still be able to offer a vote.

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