Charlottesville winery opens location in downtown Roanoke

Wine bar opens in downtown Roanoke
Wine bar opens in downtown Roanoke

On Wednesday, a Charlottesville winery made its mark in downtown Roanoke and opened the doors of its newest location.

Well Hung Vineyard out of Charlottesville has opened up a wine bar in the north end of Roanoke on Jefferson Street across from the Mast General Store.

The restaurant and wine bar is the latest addition to this corridor, and despite other businesses closing up, the general manager is optimistic about opening during the pandemic.

“We thought that we would be a really good commodity to have downtown for the non beer drinkers and we are very optimistic with the vaccine being more available that things will be back to normal,” said Jeanette Vixel, the general manager of Well Hung Vineyard.

More than a dozen people have been hired to work there.

They also hope to partner with the Hampton Inn Hotel next door to expand even more.

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