Scammers pretending to be Radford Police threaten jail time unless paid

Just because Caller ID says it, doesn’t mean it’s true

RADFORD, Va. – Police in Radford are warning people about fraudsters claiming to be with the department and threatening people with jail time.

Someone reported to the City of Radford Police Department that he or she received a call from people who said they were with the Department and the Radford City Sheriff’s Office.

The victim was then told to go to several businesses, buy pre-paid credit cards and provide the card numbers to the suspects, according to police.

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Authorities want to remind people that they would never ask for payments over the phone to clear arrest warrants.

Radford police also warned that while caller ID may be their number, the call can still be fraudulent.

If you suspect a scam telephone call, report it immediately to your local police department, sheriff’s office or to the federal trade commission at

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