Dick & Dave’s Miracle Day making a difference for local families despite pandemic

The goal is to share stories that touch listeners’ hearts

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – In the 18 years of Dick & Dave’s Miracle Day fundraiser, this is the first year they can’t bring families into the Q99 studio to share their stories.

“Kids still get sick. COVID didn’t stop children from getting sick,” said host Dick Daniels.

The annual radiothon supports children in local hospitals through Children’s Miracle Network by providing critical medical equipment and services for the NICU and pediatric units at Carilion Children’s, Virginia Baptist and Lynchburg General Hospitals.

“Hospital budgets only go so far and this is just, it just boosts it a little bit to be able to do some of the things that maybe they couldn’t ordinarily do,” said host David Page.

Instead, Daniels and Page did socially-distanced interviews beforehand with families who rely on Children’s Miracle Network. The goal is to share stories that touch listeners’ hearts.

“Everybody has a kid in their life—whether their own kids, nieces, nephews, whatever—and can just relate to, ‘If that were me. If that were my kid,’” said Page. “That’s what makes it happen is just that hearing about kids and these heartbreaking stories, it makes a difference.”

The radiothon and Children’s Miracle Network have made a difference for Meredith and Meg Burrow.

7-year-old Meg is diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia and CTBP1, an extremely rare genetic disorder. She’s the 13th known case in the world.

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