Roanoke Fire-EMS crews using new heart monitors, improving patient care

These monitors allow paramedics to transfer information faster and more seamlessly

The heart monitors are compact and allow paramedics to transfer information faster.

ROANOKE, Va. – New equipment could help first responders in the Star City save more lives.

Roanoke Fire-EMS crews are now using new Phillips heart monitors.

The devices are compact, making them more accessible for today’s emergency medical service needs and they also allow paramedics to transfer information faster and more seamlessly.

“We can communicate with the hospital more efficiently. They can actually see real-time data of what we’re doing as far as vital signs, their heart rate, what kind of rhythm they’re in. We can send that real-time data, which will help when we get to the hospital direct where that patient needs to go,” explained Roanoke Fire-EMS Capt. Andy Foley.

Each ambulance and rescue supervisor vehicle is now carrying one of these monitors.

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