Medical Reserve Corps volunteers needed in Southwest Virginia

No medical experience is required

The Southwest Virginia Medical Reserve Corps desperately needs volunteers to help out with mass vaccination clinics.

United Way of Southwest Virginia is teaming up with the Southwest Virginia Medical Reserve Corps to recruit volunteers to help out during the pandemic. They held a virtual information session on Thursday.

The Southwest Virginia corps unit serves 13 counties and three cities.

There are over 32,000 volunteers across Virginia and nearly 1,000 in Southwest Virginia.

Medically trained volunteers are needed, but volunteers are also needed to check temperatures, control traffic, schedule appointments and even take photographs.

And there’s no minimum time commitment required.

“Because we live in an area that is medically underserved, we are just not in a position to demand ‘x’ number of hours, particularly from our health care professionals,” Kristina Morris, the unit coordinator for the Southwest Virginia Medical Reserve Corps.

The Medical Reserve Corps will even help you get vaccinated.

“If you want to volunteer and have not been vaccinated, let us know that and we’ll work to get you vaccinated as soon as possible,” said Morris.

To apply to become a volunteer, click here.

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