Lynchburg real estate taxes may increase following city council vote

Council members said they may revisit the topic in the future

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Dozens of Lynchburg residents voiced concerns over a possible increase to the real estate tax Tuesday night.

City council held a public hearing after, leaders say, most citizens saw an increase in the latest assessment.

Council would need to lower the rate from $1.11 to $1.03 in order to equalize it; otherwise, the property tax could go up.

“We need your help! We need you to keep our taxes from going up because it’s just snowballing, and we can only handle so much on fixed income,” said one Lynchburg resident.

“If you can incentivize the improvement of homes, you’ll get more taxes, you’ll be able to do the projects you want to do, and you might even get reelected!” said another resident.

Council voted whether or not to equalize the tax rate, and it failed, 5-2. However, council members said they’d be willing to revisit the topic at a future meeting.

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