Roanoke City Council says it needs more information before approving plastic bag tax

Council tabled the matter for April and will host another public hearing

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke City Council said it needs more information before deciding whether or not they’ll say yes to a plastic bag tax.

Council discussed the issue at Monday night’s meeting for about an hour following a public comment session in which three people called in.

While all members support the move to reduce plastic bag consumption, enough had concerns about what it will look like in practice to table the matter. They’re particularly concerned about how it will affect businesses and lower-income shoppers.

The city is proposing a five-cent tax on disposable plastic bags at grocery, convenience and drug stores in the city. The revenue would fund environmental clean up efforts, education, and funding to provide reusable bags to those on SNAP and WIC.

Council will review the matter and host another public hearing in May.

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